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   Located in Cincinnati, Ohio  (Morrow)
                       Our Facility

Bloodspoint Studio takes advantage of an open
studio floor plan. Remodeled in 2001, a traditional 
studio design with an enlcosed control room was 
originally planned for the new facility, but the design 
was later changed in favor of a more modern layout.

The result is a studio which offers a personal 
atmosphere similar to a spacious and comfortable 
living room setting, and different from the traditional 
sterile studio surroundings. With this new design, 
communication with the control room is more direct
and personable, and it is easier to work with the 
engineer, producer, and other band members.

The live room floor is approximately 420 square feet 
(30 ft x 14 ft). The entire studio floor, including control
room and lounge is 800 square feet.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest
quality recording solutions while leading the market
in customer service.

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