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                       Our Services
Updated 11/6/2007

Bloodspoint Studio offers customized high quality 
digital and analog audio recording, production, and 
post-production solutions. We combine cutting edge 
technology with seasoned production expertise to 
provide the finest services for your recording needs. 
We work one-on-one with you to deliver a product 
which captures your vision. 

Our services include:
Multi-Track Recording and Mixing

Voice Over
Composition & Scoring
Surround Mixing
Audio Post Production

Multi-Track Recording and Mixing

Bloodspoint Studio offers both digital and analog 
recording and mixing services. Our core system is a 
ProTools Mix Plus workstation, with 128 tracks of 
audio, 256 tracks of MIDI, and 64 tracks of 24-bit 
audio at mixdown. Our workstation includes an 
expanded 16-fader ProControl control surface for 
touch sensitive utilization of all ProTools functions. 
The ProControl features dynamic automation of all 
ProTools and plugin functions, and instant recall of 
all fader and plugin settings.    
In addition to ProTools, we also offer digital audio 
editing and multi-track recording facilities using 
Emagic Logic Audio, Cakewalk, and Sonic Foundry 


We perform digital mastering using Digidesign and 
Sonic Foundry products, and can furnish masters in 
internet-ready formats (.mp3, .wav, RealAudio), 2-track 
cassette, 2-track reel to reel, or to DAT or CD-R for CD 


We take your old reel-to-reel, vinyl, cassette, etc., 
process it to enhance the sound, and digitally "cleanse" 
it to and remove noise, static, hiss, pops, etc. We'll 
output it to CD-R or cassette (or any of our other output 


We can transfer to/from most formats as listed above, 
such CD, vinyl, tape, and reel-to-reel to CD, cassette, 
or internet, and ADAT transfers to any format, etc.


We offer instruction in electric guitar, acoustic guitar, 
and electric bass at extremely competitive rates. 
We also offer instruction services in recording and 
mixing. We can make recommendations on the type of 
equipment which will best meet your home studio needs, 
and show you how to use it. We can teach  you how to 
make effective use of your equipment, either in our 
studio or yours.


We  can provide voice-over services for TV and 

Composition & Scoring

We can provide original songs, music, jingles, etc. for 
commercials, TV, film, video, and computer games.
We can provide original scores in most styles
for film,TV, and multimedia, including computer 
games, for all sizes of projects, from small "splashes"
and "bumpers" to complete film scores.                                      

Surround Mixing

We can provide surround mixing for film, TV, and 
multimedia presentations.                

Audio Post Production

We can sync to video and provide audio (including sound 
effects) for film/TV. We support all common frame rates. 


We can now provide ringtones for compatible phones, of
your original music. Ask us for a price quote.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest
quality recording solutions while leading the market
in customer service.

For more information, please contact us at

or call us at:
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