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   Located in Cincinnati, Ohio  (Morrow)

Updated 11/6/2007

Bloodspoint Studio's core system is a ProTools 
Mix Plus workstation, with 128 tracks of audio, 256 
tracks of MIDI, and 64 tracks of 24-bit audio at 
Our workstation includes an expanded 
16-fader ProControl control surface for touch sensitive 
utilization of all ProTools functions. The ProControl 
features dynamic automation of all ProTools and plugin 
functions, and instant recall of all fader and plugin 
settings. Signals are routed from our DI's or mic pre's 
through patchbays into the ProTools interfaces for the 
maximum flexibility in signal routing.
In addition to our studio equipment, we also have a
wide selection of musical instruments available for 
your use, including a large selection of electric 
and acoustic guitars, a Roland V-Session drum kit, 
and a Yamaha C7 concert grand piano.
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equipment and our musical instrument selection, click 
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Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest
quality recording solutions while leading the market
in customer service.

For more information, please contact us at
or call us at:
(513) 544-6514