The Bleeding Edge of Sound

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   Located in Cincinnati, Ohio  (Morrow)

Our in-house drum set is a Roland V-Session V-Drum 
Set, with a TDW-1 expanded TD-10 controller. The 
V-Session gives you over 1,000 unique sounds with 
enhanced dynamics and sensitivity, powerful COSM 
drum modeling, onboard effects and incredibly dynamic 
V-Cymbals. The V-Cymbal Crash has natural cymbal
inertia and choke capabilities and dual positional
sensing (edge and bow). The V-Cymbal Ride has natural 
cymbal inertia, simultaneous three-way-triggering (edge, 
bow, bell) and positional sensing.  Natural kick drum 
triggering uses a standard kick drum pedal. Ours is an 
Iron Cobra double bass pedal.

This set feels like a natural drum set, and has the 
ultimate flexibiliy in sound control. Don't like your
kick drum sound? Select from 150 drum kits, or 
choose each drum sound separately. You can even 
select sounds for each position on the cymbals.

If using your own acoustic drums, we also offer the 
Alesis D4 Percussion Sound Module for drum 
triggering. We can record sampled sounds along with 
or instead of the drums' acoustic sounds. This can be 
used to blend acoustic and electronic together, or to 
use completely sampled sounds, while retaining the 
natural "feel" of your playing. It features:

500 Drum and Percussion Sounds 
48 khz Sample Rate 
21 Programmable Drum Kits 
12 Acoustic Trigger Inputs 
Multiple Outputs 
Full MIDI Implementation

We also have an Alesis SR-16 Drum Machine and a 
selection of other instruments such as bongos, rain
sticks, and didjeridus.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest
quality recording solutions while leading the market
in customer service.

For more information, please contact us at
or call us at:
(513) 544-6514