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   Located in Cincinnati, Ohio  (Morrow)
                       Studio Equipment

Bloodspoint Studio's core system is a ProTools 
Mix Plus workstation, with 128 tracks of audio, 256 
tracks of MIDI, and 64 tracks of 24-bit audio at 
mixdown. Our workstation includes an expanded 
16-fader ProControl control surface for touch sensitive
utilization of all ProTools functions. The ProControl 
features dynamic automation of all ProTools and 
plugin functions, and instant recall of all fader and 
plugin settings.  

Our microphone selection includes mics from Neumann,
CAD, Audio Technica, Electro-Voice, MXL, Sennheiser, 
Shure, and Oktava. We use Great River and ART 

Plugins include Drawmer Dynamics, TC Master-X, 
Focusrite, Bomb Factory, and Line6.

We feature Line6 Amp Farm, which allows direct 
recording of guitar and bass without using an amp. 
Amp type and speakers can be assigned at a later time 
to emulate almost any popular combination of amp and 
speakers, including Marshall, Fender, Vox, Boogie, and 
Soldano. This allows maximum flexibility, for the best 
possible mix. Picked a Soldano, and decided later it 
was "too much"? Don't have a Marshall? No problem, 
and no need to re-track. 

Our outboard processing includes ART, dbx, ART, 
Boss, Lexicon, Alesis, and Eventide. 

16 tracks of Alesis ADAT are also available to 
facilitate transfer of old sessions into ProTools.
Our expertise combined with this state of the art 
digital technology means you get an outstanding 
recording in a fraction of the time it would take using 
an analog only system. The increase in productivity 
means fewer hours in the studio, fewer re-takes, and 
less non-value added time for you. You'll get more for 
your money in each hour spent with us.


In addition to our digital capabilities, we have a Tascam 
TSR-8 (", records at 15 ips), a Tascam 32 (", records 
at 7  and 15 ips), and a Tascam BR-20 (", records at 
7  and 15 ips) for analog recording and mastering. We 
can sync up the " deck and the ADATs to the Pro Tools 
system, which allows you to bring in sessions on either 
of those formats and continue working without having to 
re-record. We can also use the " machine to add an 
"analog" flavor to recordings of certain instruments, like 
drums and guitar, as some artists prefer to record those in 

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest
quality recording solutions while leading the market
in customer service.

For more information, please contact us at
or call us at:
(513) 544-6514